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Hearts of Nature

Hearts of Nature

Here is a Tree Heart for you. I am so lucky I find hearts almost every time I go hiking or even walking in my neighborhood. This is probably a drop of tar on my street, but there it is in a perfect heart shape.           I even find rocks that...

When I was Time

When I was little Time was ordered by sleeping in the dark of the night or when I was tired. Busy awake was ordered by the sun, or hunger, or curiosity.   When I was little I was so proud of myself for “learning to ‘tell’ time”.   Now I think how funny this...



As the new year begins and we each celebrate in the ways that are meaningful to us, Let us dance into the new year with ease and remember **how we focus the light determines what we see** In this spirit may we live graciously, give generously, and receive joyfully...

The Cycle of Ease

Watch this simple video to increase your awareness of Easiness Our mind is a muscle. Training our minds is like learning any physical skill. Therefore, shifting our awareness toward what's going well and away from what's going wrong requires gentle practice! The Cycle...

Discovering Easiness is Easier than You Think

Easiness is our natural state of being Due to stress, fatigue, injury, or fear our minds can shift to thinking repeatedly about our stress, what makes us tired, or the things that make us fearful or frustrated. Thinking and worrying about what's going wrong becomes a...

I had my formal observation Thursday. It’s usually a nerve wrecking experience. But I was so exhausted that I didn’t care. Then I realized how badly that would read so I thought if I was easy, conserved energy through being easy then maybe I could pull off my lesson so my principal wouldn’t grade me down for a lackluster performance. I couldn’t find an easy place anywhere at first because of systemic muscle pain, long story, but finally, I realized that the book we were reading as a class was in my right hand and my right hand was actually easy.

I ended up with an excellent observation and she noted about 5 different places how calm and focused I was…mind blown
So, yes, it works 😃

Meg Boyle