Here is a Tree Heart for you. I am so lucky I find hearts almost every time I go hiking or even walking in my neighborhood.

This is probably a drop of tar on my street, but there it is in a perfect heart shape.






I even find rocks that have the outline of heart shapes that match heart rocks I have. If you look closely you’ll see the heart shape on the left side of the white rock. It’s been a long time that I’ve had these now and I think, based on the type of stone, that the white one is quartz from Colorado. I have no idea what the black one is, where it came from, or when I found it.

I’ve carried these rocks all over the US and some of them to and from Europe. I have one stone from Egypt, several from Switzerland, and some from Italy. Sometimes I wonder if I will return these stones to the earth before I die or if I will ask that they be laid on the ground where my ashes are placed or released. I have no children so I wonder who will carry out these tasks when I’m gone. Who will understand the significance of releasing these stones back to the earth after their time traveling with me on my journeys?

I’ve moved many times in my life and most of what I’ve moved has been boxes of books and boxes of rocks, boxes of seashells and leaves, art, some clothes, and sometimes a little furniture.

And now, I’m happy I have all these hearts to share.

What are the important things you take with you when you move?

I like to share different ways of looking at this beautiful and amazing world. Have you come across heart shapes in nature? Please share your photos in the comments, I’d love to see your discoveries!