Discovering Your Right Effort

so that you

Move Forward with the Least Amount of Resistance!

There is no single way to make these discoveries – there is only Your Way.

Body-Brain Balance is individualized and tailored to your specific situation and needs.

Do you like to work privately 1:1?

We can do that.

Do you enjoy a class atmosphere where everyone shares and grows together

while cheering and supporting each other?

I have several class options. We can discuss them and select the one that suits you.



Do you like to explore on your own, understand first, then dive in with personalized support?

I have an array of mini-courses that cover exploring Ease and Right Effort through different topics. You can pick the topic that interests you or explore several to see how the process is applied to different areas of life and work.

Introductory - 1:1 online workshops tailored to your specific needs
  • Improving the quality of your sleep
  • Moving out of pain
  • Getting back into your creative flow zone
  • Letting go of perfectionism


Mini self-study courses
  • Pick your topic of interest
    • Reduce Stress
    • Manage Anxiety
    • Kick Overwhelm to the curg
    • Free Your Authentic Voice
    • Develop Camera Confidence
    • Change habits
  • Explore how Body-Brain Balance helps you discover your Right Effort in that activity
Group Classes
  • Small groups of 4-8
  • Weekly meetings to explore and practice together
  • Ongoing or 12-week series
  • Learn exercise (études) core processes
  • Practical application of the études to real life situations
  • Topics arise from class discussion
  • Members support each other’s explorations and growth
  • New classes start throughout the year
Create Your Business with Ease - 1:1 Intensive Incubator
  • We build a business that fits you and enhances your well-being.
  • We focus on creating your business as we explore tensing and easing in your mind and body
  • You’ll move through all of the parts of creating a business one step at a time
  • With guidance and support, you’ll clarify
    • what you will do
    • why you’re doing it
    • the tech you’ll need – simple and easy is the best way to start
    • the business structure that fits you and your business
    • and, anything else that comes up
Deepening Awareness - 1:1 Achieving Dynamic Balance
  • Starts where you are
  • Fits your schedule
  • Focuses on your goals
  • 3-week focused intensives
  • Intensives may be repeated for fine-tuning awareness & increasing skills
  • Personalized applications tailored to your life situations
Perfectly Easy Biz Mgmt - 1:1
  • Focuses on personal and professional financial and administrative tasks
  • Eliminates overwhelm and confusion
    • Streamlined record keeping
    • Simple tax paperwork organization
    • Sales tax preparation
    • Employment tax management
    • Project management


Figuring out your best starting place

The easiest way to do this is to jump on a zoom call with me. Use the calendar below to schedule.

You’ll tell me what ways of working seem most interesting to you.

I’ll answer any questions you have then we’ll go over the details of timing, cost, and payment.

We’ll get you enrolled and moving forward on your journey to Body-Brain Balance!