Dancing Words

Like dance, writing involves composition and telling a story. Dance moves the viewer, and writing moves the reader.

Dance moves the viewer, and writing moves the reader

The best writing creates pictures in our minds as words flow across page and screen.

Dancing Words provides consulting services for all types of writing projects from press releases to personal statements to grant applications, content creation as well as editing, and ghost writing services.

Fees: $35-$55/hr depending on the service:
  • proofreading/light editing – $35
  • heavy editing – $40-$45
  • brainstorming and content creation – $50
  • ghostwriting – $55



Editors: Neri Torres, Aminata Cairo, Sally Crawford, Laura Donnelly, and Nzinga Metzger Rituals of Modern Society: Perspectives on Caribbean Dance Fusion and Dance Sustainability forthcoming from Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 

The Sustainability of Dance as an Art Form: Economics, Politics and the Philosophy of Resistance, A Non-Violent Approach to Resistance Using the Alexander Technique is included in Rituals of Modern Society.

Dance Technique – a Basis for Lifelong Learning appeared in the Chinese/English magazine All in One. Donnelly’s essay Meditation in the Dance Studio is published in Teaching with Joy: Educational Practices for the Twenty-First Century, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. Death Dream my essay inspired by a dream I had eight days after my mother’s death is included in Spell Breaking: Listening To The Dreaming Heart.

Recent Grants Donnelly, Laura (Principal), Ione, (Co-Principal), The Nubian Word for Flowers; A Phantom Opera The MAP Fund 2017, $38,163, Submitted 10/2016 (06/01/2017 – 12/31/2017). Private. Status: Funded. Project completed: November 2017.


Please use the form below to discover to tell me about your upcoming projects. I will contact you to schedule your call. We’ll discover how our styles will work together to complete all your writing and editing projects easily.