“Healing is a journey.

It is also like a wheel.

The outer rim is life in the world.

The spokes are paths to healing, to

The Center

–our true nature.

These conversations present a diverse array of modalities. The goal is for people to be inspired to start or reinvigorate their own healing journeys. You are invited to select the modalities that resonate most for you, create a simple personal self-healing practice, and move forward on The Healing Path.

Each 30-minute conversational video features a guest who gives/shares/teaches a simple tool or idea that viewers can learn easily and implement quickly to make their lives flow better. The goal is to help us all remember, even if only for a moment that we are always in a state of Grace (and that we just forget this).


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 GuestLink to interview
Tracey-Jane Hughes
Listening is at the heart of everything. It's at the heart of all you do, even if you’re not aware of it right now. Discovering the power of listening will help you create more meaningful relationships at home and in work. Using the power of listening will increase your return on investment – for yourself and your business or career.
How Simply Listening Can Heal
Cristina Alciati
Cristina has been an athlete all her life, starting with competitive gymnastics, jazz dance and then onto martial arts which she has been studying for the past 38+ years. Over the past decade, after a long career in corporate, she has been helping many women reclaim control of their body, lose the muffin tops and feel ageless as they enter the best years of their lives.
Nutrition in Midlife
Colette Reilly
A Success through Happiness coach is on a mission to create a community of Happy Bee's who pollenate the world with a the power of happiness.
Foundations for Life
Elise Dorsett
Elise is a transformative relationship coach, yoga/meditation instructor, and tango dancer based in Zürich, Switzerland. Her supportive yet direct coaching style, meditations, and actionable strategies help her clients consciously deepen and strengthen their relationships, and to enhance their leadership skills.
Love Languages
Vibhavari Jani
shares information about happiness from recent and ancient research sources. Vibha also gives a few practical steps we can take to begin to increase our happiness each day.
Choose Happiness
Kristine Goad
heard the statement, "a path is made by walking" and realized the way to get where she wanted to go was to take a couple steps, notice where that got me, and then take a few more.
A Path is Made by Walking
Vanessa Muntinga
shares ways to work with these parts of ourselves. How you can ask theses parts questions, listen to them, validate them, and especially reintegrate them to heal yourself.
Connecting the Inner Masculine & Feminine
Lucy Smith
shares how to feel more connected to your higher self by making are. This allows you to process emotions more easily and feel freer.
Healing Through Art
Brettney Perr
creator and curator of Obscuram.com, identifies ways we give our power away and tips for how we can get it back.
Taking Your Power Back
Matthew Del Negro
You may know him from Goliath, Scandal, The West Wing, or The Sopranos.
In 2017, he was in a place where he had been unemployed for much of his career. He had been cut from a show in the midst of pilot season, been told “no” many times and not given a chance.
He was beginning to feel sorry for himself when he thought: "I’m done waiting for someone to hire me, I’m going to go make my own thing."
That is how his podcast, 10,000 NOs, was born.
You Can't Rehearse Life
Esther Nagle
discovered the power of the breath in 2014 when she trained as a Yoga teacher. As she learned to breathe deeply and connect mind, body and spirit through her breath, Esther discovered new ways to manage her emotions.
Breathing Back to You
Millen Livis
July 6, 2020
Financial Independence consultant and thought leader in the Female Financial Empowerment Movement, Millen shares 3 Simple Steps to Upgrade Your Financial Life
How to Be in Control of Your Money
Monika Volkmar
helps people develop physical mastery- awakening to the full potential of their bodies so they can live their full potential in all areas of life. She helps people move freely with more energy, and less daily aches and pains.
Using Movement to Set the Body Free
Daniela Cook
shares information about the difference between allergies, sensitivities and intolerances; understand their effects and learn how you can support your child.
Childhood Food Allergies
Linda Mary Montano an eternally practicing performance artist which translates as: if there is an issue/make art about it. She explore her art/life through shared experience, role adoption, and intricate life-altering ceremonies.The Evolution and Endurance of Persona as Performance Healing Then and Now
Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici
shares ways to find the balance between your focused productive Doing and your creative, intuitive Knowing.
Creative Flow Activation
Cecilia Runciman
shares how to discover more gratitude to create positive change happiness
How Gratitude Heals
Talya Sahler
shares some of the healing qualities of religion and spirituality and how these can enhance well-being.
Let go and let GD
Victoria Day
talks about three basic resources for support that have always been and will always be available to us as we move through our every day lives.
The Check-In: Support Resources for Your Eternal Self
Mio Morales
share some of the ways the Power of Ease can improve your life, relationships, art, and work.
The Power of EaseThe Power of Ease
Carole Ione
has a favorite quote that up how she lives her life:
Do not ask me where I am going- as I trek this limitless world every step I take is my home. -- Dogen

IONE teaches Dreamwork, DeepListening, Healing through Creativity and is a writer, creator, and an inspiration to many all over the world.
Dream Healing
Elizabeth (AKA EDB and Granny Liz)
will share her philosophy and international background of food that supports how she enters her kitchen with a foundation of being at ease. She'll demonstrate her patterns of method that each viewer can adapt and reinvent according to their own specific conditions.
Improvisational Cooking - Creative, Healing, and Healthy
Natasha Senkovich
shares what Pranic and Theta Healing are. She'll explain how she has used these types of healing to remove blocks that are preventing her clients from achieving the success they desire.
Using Pranic Healing & Theta Healing to remove blocks to success
Miriam Grunhaus
speaks about how the Japanese art of mending pottery with lacquer and gold inspires and provides a path to a healing journey. She calls it Healing with Gold
The Japanese art of Kintsugi as a path to Healing
Molly McCallum
shares how meditation can help us refocus, center and positively redirect our energy and thoughts.
Meditation for Healing and Centering
Dale Darley
shares how we can bring ourselves back into balance and find our voice in these strange times.
The power of journaling and the chakras
Joyce Elder
The best time to heal is throughout the conflict and crisis, while it's in progress, not after. Learn the key to that in this podcast.
Healing throughout Conflict and Crisis
Nigel Lowson
shares how meditation helps us accept, understand, and welcome whatever comes into our lives.
Meditate your way to yourself
Helen Kagan
In the midst of the pandemic which has saturated people with fear, anxiety, sadness, stress, and uncertainty, Helen believes that her “HealingArts” make a difference in peoples’ lives by bringing color, healing and hope.
Stephanie Thoma
will talk about self-limiting beliefs and where they come from, and share ways to connect with one's self and others, alleviate anxiety and rise into your leadership potential.
Healing Deep Loneliness
Emily Ridout
AstroYoga uses the physical and energetic practices of yoga and astrology to create a sense of ease, joy, and deep fulfillment that's truly aligned with you.
The Healing Path - AstroYoga - Embodied Astrology for a Whole, Healthy Life
Imogen Ragone and Laura Donnelly share Easy Peasy Self CareEasy Peasy Self Care Adventure for Caregivers and Beyond
Susan Gee
will share ways to provide support, comfort and relaxation for your loved ones using safe, gentle-touch massage.
Going Deep without Deep Pressure
Rush Dorsett
shares techniques for connecting with authentic self-expression and healing through voice practices.
Free Your Authentic Voice
Zoe Bowick Levine
the founder of The Thriving Body, shares how listening to and communicating with our bodies allows us to heal deeply.
The Thriving Body
Jen Tews
shares how to transform shame, guilt & judgement into power and purpose.
Moving Tough Emotions
Christine Zona
shares why putting your body into small and short stressors is good for your health and longevity.
What is Hormesis and Its Health Benefits?
Jane Tornatore, PhD
loves giving super simple tools to help people trust themselves more and be kinder to themselves.
Simple Steps to Self Love
Elizabeth Kipp
shares the story of her journey to healing over four decades of chronic pain and where and how Western medicine affected her.
Wholistic Healing & Limitations in the Current Western Medical Model
Cathleen Elle
shares powerful healing techniques for those who have experienced unexpected loss or hidden trauma to reconnect with their joy and freedom by transforming limiting beliefs.
Are Our Loved Ones Actually Gone?
Pedro de Alcantara Psychological time is everything in life. Pedro talks about the subjective dimension of how quickly or slowly time passes, and what we can do about it.Master of the Clock
John Meese
share some ideas for shifting from survival thinking to thriving thinking.
Survive and Thrive In Any Economy (Including This One)
Rachel L McCants
How God had to physically break me to get me on the path He'd have me to be on
From Broken to Healed
Brettney Perr
Quick and Easy Tips to Get a Good Night's Rest!
Can I get some sleep?
JoAnna Mendl Shaw
Play, Trust and Partnership: An Interspecies Perspective
Play, Trust, and Partnership
Coming Soon:
Cindy Olney
Grief and Eldercare
Coming Soon:
Katie Roth
Always Put Yourself First
Coming Soon:
Laura Grey
Finding Purpose through Pain