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How Gratefulness Promotes Ease

This post was published on a personal branding site. I didn't want to just copy and paste it here so am trying to link out to it. The post focuses on how understanding how we feel determines the way our bodies move - either freely or without ease....

Applying the Alexander Technique

Applying the Alexander Technique

Our bodies are amazing systems designed to function optimally. Our desire for specific outcomes often leads us to use our logical, thinking brains in ways that interfere with our natural easy movement. (Perfectionism is one way of thinking that seriously interferes...

Dancing with Ease Blog

At all times we are in relationship with ourselves - our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, and the results of our actions. We can search for blueprints for how to be and how to succeed in life or we can choose to look at our lives as an adventure-filled...

I had my formal observation Thursday. It’s usually a nerve wrecking experience. But I was so exhausted that I didn’t care. Then I realized how badly that would read so I thought if I was easy, conserved energy through being easy then maybe I could pull off my lesson so my principal wouldn’t grade me down for a lackluster performance. I couldn’t find an easy place anywhere at first because of systemic muscle pain, long story, but finally, I realized that the book we were reading as a class was in my right hand and my right hand was actually easy.

I ended up with an excellent observation and she noted about 5 different places how calm and focused I was…mind blown
So, yes, it works 😃

Meg Boyle