Marlene Neumann celebrates life through the lens of a camera. She and I talk about the magic of our inner lens that allows us to see things we often don’t register that we noticed. She sent me these photos taken only seconds apart. How quickly the light changes from one moment to the next.


© M Neumann cell phone photos of light and water


Sharing ideas about creativity, mindfulness, photography, and light this conversation will encourage you to see life through a new lens.

We each have a unique way of seeing and being in the world. Our point of view is made from many different aspects and energies. When we were born, the time of day, as well as the year and month. Where we were born and raised influences the original way that we look at the world around us. Do we come from a small town, a large city, a small or large country, an island, a landlocked territory, or a mountain top? Even a small or large family gives color, texture, and tone to how we see ourselves and the world around us.

We can embrace our uniqueness or try to blend in by camouflaging it. When we choose to step into who we are we unlock doors to possibilities we were unable to see before. With a new lens, we see more deeply and clearly.

Thinking about how you might focus differently this year? If you’d like to explore your “Creative Light” Marlene is teaching an online workshop March-April 2022.

Let us know what you’re committed to seeing differently this year?


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