Easiness is our natural state of being

Due to stress, fatigue, injury, or fear our minds can shift to thinking repeatedly about our stress, what makes us tired, or the things that make us fearful or frustrated. Thinking and worrying about what’s going wrong becomes a mental habit that produces more stress and fatigue – both mental and physical.

We have an antidote! Easiness! We just have to remember:
Ease anywhere is Ease everywhere!

Our bodies and our brains are connected. 
Whatever we think is reflected immediately in our bodies. When we choose to notice Ease, even for just a few seconds, we allow our body-brain to refocus on what’s going right. That changes everything, allows a little space in our thoughts and our bodies. Even if the stress thought comes back into awareness, for a few seconds we were noticing easiness and giving ourselves a break. Whenever we want to we can simply return to noticing easiness.

The video here provides a little more information on the process of discovering easiness in yourself. Watch it and let me know what you notice!