It’s not about being right, or easy, or succeeding.

It’s about doing the process and noticing what happens. Discovering what makes us tense, tight, or breathless gives us valuable information that we can use to continue this experience or change it.

Identifying how our thinking influences our actions — did we get easier or less easy when we thought _________________ — allows us to connect our thoughts directly with our actions.

There is no homeostasis in this dance. The key question is how we are moving: easily or with excess tension?

Simply deciding to dance with ease, gently observing the results of our thinking will take us on an unfolding journey of exploration and discovery.

We can learn to make constructive change in our lives so that we experience more ease in all our endeavors: studying, writing, playing sports, cooking, gardening, speaking, presenting, teaching, typing, and performing – acting, singing, dancing, or playing an instrument!

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about how you can dance with ease in your chosen field. I look forward to learning about your life, your choices, your challenges, and successes!