The Alexander Technique / Primal Alexander 

It’s not about being right, or easy or succeeding

It’s about doing the process and noticing what happens. 

Discovering what makes us tense, tight, or breathless gives us valuable information that we can use to continue this experience or change it.

Identifying how our thinking influences our actions and how we feel and move.

Observing and Noticing allow us to connect our thoughts directly to our actions and experiences.

The first step is to ask and discover:

did I get easier or less easy when we thought a specific word or idea? 

There is no homeostasis in this dance: we are either getting easier or less easy. As soon as we identify which direction we are moving we can make a choice to get easier or not.


Simply deciding to dance with ease, and gently observing the results of our thinking will take us on an unfolding journey of exploration and discovery.

We can learn to make constructive changes in our lives and we can unravel unhelpful habits so that we experience more ease in all our endeavors. Whether studying, writing, playing sports, cooking, gardening, speaking, presenting, teaching, typing, performing – acting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or simply living — We can do it all with more Joy and Ease!

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