When I was little

Time was ordered by sleeping in the dark of the night or when I was tired.

Busy awake was ordered by the sun, or hunger, or curiosity.


When I was little

I was so proud of myself for “learning to ‘tell’ time”.


Now I think how funny this sentence is because I didn’t tell time anything…

The clock told me what time it was and what to do at that time.

I fell out of my natural relationship with time. I started to

      • lose time
      • be on time
      • be late
      • miss the beat
        • in music or dance
      • be off time

And now that I’m not little anymore, some of my favorite time is being “out of time” not on the clock, but different than running out of time.

Like sand in an hourglass, the days of our lives flow by

Is time like a river of sand?




Quicksand, moving, flowing, dragging,

seeming to be unmoving then

suddenly grabbing you and pulling you back in time

to memories of days gone by

or forward to dreams of what may come


And each grain of time

… a place in time…

if I choose right here right now then I am “in time”

in the time river one grain at a time.


Ginger Baker said of playing with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce in the band Cream

“we all had time”

They felt music, rhythm, energy, life without counting just feeling time.


When I was little

There was enough time


What if I always have enough time?         What if I let time loose?