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Body-Brain Balance!

Hi, I’m Laura Donnelly. People hire me to teach them how to move out of pain and into healing.

I create spaces where healing happens and wholeness is honored.

Body-Brain Balance combines the Alexander Technique, psychology, somatics, and Movement Fundamentals®.

I invite you to use these resources to explore Ease and Body-Brain Balance to reduce your pain, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm

The Healing Path – a series of conversations with teachers, healers, practitioners, and ordinary people. Each one is on a Healing Journey and shares tips, tools, techniques, and resources to fuel your healing journey

2 Quick Tips (under 3 minutes) to Move out of Pain

Step into Ease and Flow with this short free 4-day mini-course

There are many videos on my YouTube Channel: AT-EaseTV

You’ll find articles exploring ways to apply Ease in different life situations on my blog

Body-Brain Balance is absolutely my favorite thing. I can talk about it for hours. I love helping people move out of pain into dynamic balance so that they’re able to live more joyfully and pain-free!

If you’d like more information, schedule a zoom call here – I look forward to meeting you!