As the new year begins and we each celebrate in the ways that are meaningful to us,

Let us dance into the new year with ease and remember **how we focus the light determines what we see**

In this spirit may we live graciously, give generously, and receive joyfully

With #kindness#caring#understanding, and #patience.

I had a #dream long ago:
// I’m on an airplane that is flying through the night. It is dark and quiet on the plane. Almost everyone is sleeping.

I have a book that I want to read. As I reach up to adjust the light over my chair I hear a deep, resonant voice say:
“How you focus the light determines what you see.”

I wake up with the sound of the voice echoing in my head. //

Since that dream, this statement has guided my life and work, it reminds me that I always have choices:
I control how I look at things.
I can look at things from different perspectives and different directions.
Being able to stop reacting to situations and to choose my responses = #Freedom!

Moving gently into 2022, let your journey lead to light and freedom.