When Something Outside Us Breaks Our Habits — 2 Comments

  1. What an amazing revelation your friend had. It is so true isn’t it? We can be totally overwhelmed by life, and not realised until we let go of something that is choking us. I remember when I had the breakdown that eventually saved me, the space that quitting my job gave me to firstly, have the meltdown I so desperately needed, and then, once the smoke cleared, to look at my life more objectively, was vital. Had I carried on battling through with work I would never have had the space in my life or my head to be able to do the Yoga teacher training that was to transform me.

    I wish your friend all the luck in the world!

    • Yes, but we have tools to manage the overwhelm – breathing! and Alexander Technique thinking lead to awareness and the recognition that we have choices!

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