Our bodies are amazing systems designed to function optimally. Our desire for specific outcomes often leads us to use our logical, thinking brains in ways that interfere with our natural easy movement. (Perfectionism is one way of thinking that seriously interferes with the natural flow of ideas and movement – a blog for another day.)

When we want to achieve something, say becoming excellent on the balance beam, we must practice many techniques, mounts, steps, and difficult stunts. In the process of practicing, we create habits. Some of the habits are good and support optimal function in our bodies. Other habits are filled with excess tension and they begin to interfere with our best functioning. Fear is an emotion that interferes with the smooth flow of almost every activity. This process of developing habits is similar for everyone and applies to all activities from the most mundane to the minutely defined.

All that said – how do we stop interfering so that we can experience the natural ease that allows us to move freely, think creatively, and be gracefully productive in the world?

Simply try this:

Whenever you notice tension about a topic or idea or action, think to your self: “How easy is my neck?” and notice what happens. Keep on with your activity but every time you notice tension, fear, anxiety, excitement – ask again, “How easy is my neck?”

It sounds crazy, but it works. I just asked: “How ease is my neck?” while I was typing. Simply asking my self that question interrupted my normal typing habits (and the thinking I do when composing as I write). The results: I stopped pounding the keys on my keyboard, I took a deep breath, and I moved back from the computer 🙂

The results will be different each time – we’re not looking for specific results, we’re experimenting with what happens when we interrupt our unhelpful habits of moving or thinking.

If you’re inclined, experiment with this process and share your thoughts in the comments.