Re-awakening Ease with Movement Fundamentals for people over 50

In this gentle movement exploration class you will explore your current range of motion, rediscover your natural ease and poise, and move into increased flexibility and balance.

The focus of this work is to learn and understand the language your body uses to communicate with you. You will discover your body’s natural flexibility and learn how your body wants to move.

Using the 4 Phases of Movement Fundamentals created by Jane Hawley. We’ll explore the Begin | Move | Dance | Witness phases in each class but there are no set dance exercises that we all do together to specific counts.

There is space for everyone to move at their own speed and within their individual movement needs. 

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to bend, stretch and get up and down off the floor if you are moved to do so. Plan to be barefoot so you can feel the floor. And please bring something to write with (pens, colored pencils, crayons) and a journal or notebook.

If you’re interested in this class please submit the contact form below so I can contact you when I secure a space and have dates for our class.