Perfectly Easy Biz Mgmt for Successful Self-employed Alexander Technique Teachers

Consulting services for small business owners using the principles and concepts of the Alexander Technique to create greater ease as you manage and grow your business. This service is targeted for small business owners and sole proprietors who file Schedule C forms and pay self-employment and sales taxes.

Managing income, expenses, and taxes are key components in any business. They are essential for success when you’re self-employed. Let me handle these details so you can spend your time doing what you do best!

Services include:

  • Setting up your bookkeeping system 
  • Identifying tax deductible expenses 
  • Understanding self-employment
  • Ongoing data entry and bookkeeping


My Business Management Story

As an independent performing and teaching artist my income was fee based, reported on 1099s, and required me to file Schedule C forms with my annual taxes. In addition, I grew up in a family in which self-employment was the norm. My mom ran a dance school for 45 years. As a sole proprietor she earned all the income necessary to provide for our family (and buy me a horse) after my dad died. She was an amazing role model. My grandpa ran a window and auto glass business, and my brother runs an audio recording and sound editing business.

I started working at the front desk for the dance school when I was in junior high (now called middle school). When I moved to NYC to dance,  I provided business services to independent artists, photographers, performers, choreographers, and small profit and nonprofit businesses to earn extra money. When I moved back to KS after performing in Europe for seven months with Philip Corner, I took over running the business and marketing for my mom’s dance studio. I took tax preparer training after graduate school and have worked during tax season for H&R Block, Pinnacle Taxx Advisors, and Jackson Hewitt specializing in Schedule C businesses and rental properties.  

Using the principles of dancing with ease in all areas of life, I’ll work with you to organize your start-up efficiently, clarify processes for your current business, or plan for growth. 

Free 30 min. consultation

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