I offer in-person and online classes, workshops, and intensives for individuals and groups.

I’m able to join students at the gym to practice applying ease to their workout routines. Meeting in a client’s office allows us to explore the unique stresses created by desk space and equipment. Working with golfers on the course or dancers in the studio allows them to practice the Alexander Technique where they need it the most. Depending on technology access and comfort, I can work digitally or in-person in any of these locations. (Coming soon – online scheduling tool!)

Ongoing classes, in which students experiment with noticing ease in a variety of situations and while doing different activities, create a consistent learning environment for incorporating the principles and concepts of the Alexander Technique. 

Workshops and intensives provide opportunities for introduction or immersion in the Technique. Regular practice is the way to improve any physical skill from sports to musical performance to typing.

Benefits of online classes include zero travel time, working with people in any location, and reference videos for continued study .

I enjoy exploring with people as we discover the links between their thinking and the ease or lack of ease they experience in their lives. Practicing the Alexander Technique can lead to improvement in all activities from simple flexibility and stability in daily life to fine tuning physical, vocal, or instrumental performance. People improve public speaking and interviewing skills by using the Technique. Studies show that many have used it to alleviate back, neck, shoulder, arm, and hand pain. Some find relief from headaches, and experience better breathing and overall postural improvement. While others practice the Technique as a way to understand themselves and their interactions with the world better.

Private sessions are $95/hour.

Group classes are $60/session with a minimum 4 session commitment.

Based on availability I’m happy to teach master classes for groups of 12 or more.

Please fill out and submit the contact form below to schedule a class or for more information about the Alexander Technique.