Does this sound familiar?



You Know you want to Sleep Now! but…


You close your computer, (or turn off the TV), clean up the kitchen

wash your face, brush your teeth, slip into bed, and


the moment your head hits the pillow

your mind starts spinning and racing…

    • all the things you didn’t get done today, 
    • all the things on your list for tomorrow,
    • what you should have said to your friend on the phone,
    • what you should NOT have said to your mom, 
    • what you forgot to tell your husband,
    • what you forgot to put on the to-do list,
    • you left the clothes in the dryer,
    • you can’t fall asleep – AGAIN,
    • you have SO much to do tomorrow, and now you’re going to be exhausted, and on and on and on…

This is You – You want help Now! – No need to read all the rest


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Imagine if it could be like this instead


          • It’s bed time and you’re looking forward to going to bed!
          • You know when you lay down you’re going to be able to relax.
          • You know your body will soften and settle comfortably into the bed.
          • When you get into bed, even if your mind starts to race, you KNOW you can calm it down.
          • You know you will fall into a deep, restful sleep.
          • You know you will wake rested the next morning.
          • You know you have the energy and focus to meet whatever the day throws at you, and you feel invigorated! 

Going to bed is no longer a chore!

And best of all, you know if you start to to have trouble falling asleep again,

or if you wake up wide awake in the middle of the night, and your brain kicks into over drive

you have a tried and true process to calm your mind and body so you drift in to a deep, restful sleep.

No matter how busy your day has been,

you know you can fall to Sleep Now, wake rested, and be back on the highway to success.

What if I told you 


you CAN turn all this frustration and  anxiety about sleep around 


I can teach you how to fall to Sleep Now and in the Future?



    • Can you imagine how good you’ll feel when you wake up rested and ready to go every day? 
    • How about knowing that when the twists and turns of life knock you off balance, and upset your sleep, you’re able to follow a simple process to get back on track quickly? 

You can! 

The Sleep Now Roadmap is a short 2 session 1:1 experience that will teach you a simple tool to calm your mind immediately. Your body and mind are connected. As soon as you calm your mind, your body will relax. 


The Sleep Now Roadmap includes:

Your GPS Coordinates Questionnaire

Your Sleep Now Roadmap

Follow Up to Fine Tune Your Sleep Now Routine

You’ll have a tried and true go-to process

in your toolkit

to use whenever you need it.

Get Started on Your Sleep Now Roadmap TODAY

so you can Sleep Now and every night!

Investment: $149

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      • Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with directions to access Your GPS

        Coordinates Questionnaire.

      • We’ll meet via Zoom and get you started with a simple tool to calm your mind and body so you can get to

        sleep easily, rest more deeply, wake refreshed, and experience the joy of being back in flow!


Questions? Email me! 

I love sharing this work and helping people get to Sleep Now!



Notes from others who can Sleep Now!

What an amazing session!

I hadn’t expected to go so deep into my own body, in the actual session, and actually find some answers straight away! Like you guiding me to let my own body coach me.

But the ultimate value of what you have to offer is your actual presence 1:1.
You have a calming presence that creates a connection.

This is profoundly helpful, Laura, and gives me a sense of relief.

R. Bullivant

Certified Book Coach

Want to relax and fall asleep fast & stay asleep?  

I learned TheCyCle™ with Laura, and never lay awake in bed anymore.

J. Yanez

Mother, Teacher, Swim Coach

Millions of thank yous! 

I felt so much more creative today for a change, it was quite nice.

My son was even feeding off my positive energy, and for that, I am so grateful.

E. Buchholz, Ph.D.

Parenting Coach, Laughter Facilitator

I love what you do! 

It’s so simple to do yet has such a powerful impact!

A. Andreat

Marketing Consultant