Move into Flow


You’re doing more, harder and faster,

but are frustrated and unhappy because,

no matter what you try, you’re hitting walls in every direction.


Sound Familiar?

      • You dread laying down to sleep because you know as soon as your head hits the pillow your mind will be spinning with all the things on your list for tomorrow. (Added to not sleeping is the stress of needing to sleep to be ready for the next day, and the fear of being ineffective due to fatigue.)
      • When you wake in the morning,
        • with your first breath, you feel the heaviness of your “have to do today-or else! list” settle on you like a jacket of chainmail. (It’s a heavy feeling that weighs you down emotionally and physically.)
      • You’re afraid you’ll never catch up. (It’s one step forward and two steps back, over and over.)
      • When someone asks you to go to coffee or away for a fun weekend jaunt,
        • you say no,
        • you just have too much that you haven’t been able to get done
        • there’s no end in sight, and
        • you feel frustrated, tired, and overwhelmed.




      • Your list for the day is done! 
      • You’ve straightened your desk, reviewed what was completed this day, and have a clear plan for where you’ll start tomorrow. 
      • You have time to make a nice supper and enjoy it! 
      • When you get into bed, your mind is calm and you fall into a deep, restful sleep.
      • You wake rested and looking forward to the what the new day will bring.
      • You know you have the energy and focus to meet whatever the day throws at you.
      • When things pop up unexpectedly, and you know they will, you meet them with curiosity and a sense of adventure.
      • You feel invigorated! 

Getting things done has become fun!

And best of all, you know if you start to get overwhelmed again,

you have a tried and true process to get yourself turned around and back in flow

No matter what life throws at you,

you know you can move back into flow, and on to success.


What if I told you 


you CAN turn all this frustration and undoneness around 


I can teach you how to Move into Flow NOW and in the Future?


    • Can you imagine how good you’ll feel when your to-do list tasks stop multiplying out of control and you’re calmly able to get things done so you can enjoy your life again? 
    • How about knowing that when the twists and turns of life knock you off balance, you’re able to follow a simple process to get back on track quickly? 

You can! 

The Move into Flow Roadmap is a short one-to-one experience

that teaches you a simple tool to calm your frustration immediately.



The Move into Flow Roadmap includes:

Your GPS Coordinates Questionnaire


          • Pinpoints a current frustration you want to fix now!
          • Determines a clear starting point for our work together. 
          • Charts your path to Success. 
          • Gives you a baseline to review at the end of our short journey to assess how far you’ve traveled.

Your Move into Flow Roadmap


We’ll start with a 60-minute zoom call where you’ll learn how to calm your mind and change the direction of your thoughts.


Tools to Use on Your Journey after our Call

A video of our session.

An EasySheet 7 Days to Move into Flow 

Follow Up to Fine Tune Your Route

7-10 days after our initial call we’ll have a 30-minute follow-up zoom call to share your discoveries, ask questions, and fine-tune your process. 

You’ll have Moved into Flow!

And best of all, you’ll have a tried and true go-to process

in your toolkit

to use whenever you need it.



Get Started on Your Move into Flow Roadmap TODAY!

Investment: $99

               Let’s get started so you can Fix It Now!


Click here to get to the scheduling and payment page.

Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with directions to access

Your GPS Coordinates Questionnaire.

We’ll meet via Zoom

You’ll learn with a simple tool to eliminate frustration, anxiety, and stress

so you can get more done in less time, and

experience the joy of being back in the flow!

Questions? Email me! 

I love working with people and helping them Move into Flow!



Notes from others who have Moved into Flow!

Yes, it works!  

I had my formal observation Thursday. It’s usually a nerve-wracking experience. But I was so exhausted that I didn’t care. 

I thought if I was easy, conserved energy through being easy, then maybe I could pull off my lesson so my principal wouldn’t grade me down for a lackluster performance. 

I ended up with an excellent observation and my principal noted in about 5 different places how calm and focused I was…mind blown!

M. Boyle

5th-grade Teacher

It’s made a difference in our lives!

I know you’ve heard me tell this story again and again, but I silently used the process while R was in meltdown. 

He got himself righted about the same time that I was in the 8th & 9th rep.

Thank you for your coaching and mentorship.

J. Yanez

Mother, Teacher, Swim Coach

Millions of thank yous! 

I felt so much more creative today for a change, it was quite nice.

My son was even feeding off my positive energy, and for that, I am so grateful.

E. Buchholz, Ph.D.

Parenting Coach, Laughter Facilitator

I love what you do! 

It’s so simple to do yet has such a powerful impact!

A. Andreat

Marketing Consultant