Free Your Voice – 2020 Podcaster’s Kit

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“The 2020 Podcaster’s Kit!”

FREE YOUR VOICE – Communicate and Connect!


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Free Your Voice includes 3 live classes plus a Q&A session.

You created your podcast to make a difference in the world and connect with others.
To reach your audience effectively you must communicate clearly and build strong connections. 

These two important skills for business and life are essential to the success of your Podcast.

This course will teach you to speak with vocal richness and resonance.

You’ll learn to draw in your listeners instead of speaking at them. 

You’ll release the power of your voice so you connect and communicate
with those who need your message the most. 

Enjoy this short welcome video, then, click “here” to access the
Free Your Voice – Communicate and Connect training.

The Body-Brain Balance Process is a practice based on the Alexander Technique
that focuses on how we use our minds, bodies, and emotions.

Excess tensing in any area negatively influences all of our mental, physical, and emotional systems, and interferes with how we live our lives.

Stopping tensing and moving into easing (in any part of ourselves) improves the overall use
of the whole self including the quality, pitch, and tone of our voices.

I call it being AT-Ease.

This improvement filters into all our activities allowing us to communicate more clearly, restore
our equilibrium, and live with more Grace, Flow, and Joy.

I know you’ll learn a lot and each of the products in the 2020 Podcastor’s Kit
will help you improve the quality of your podcast.

Its time to FREE YOUR VOICE – Communicate and Connect!

“The Body-Brain Balance Process has changed every aspect of my life – personally and professionally.”
~ Laura Donnelly

Thank you for purchasing the Free Your Voice course in the 2020 Podcaster’s Kit!

Wagon Wheel logo for Healing Path Podcast presented by Laura Donelly

The Healing Path

“Healing is a journey. It is also like a wheel.
The outer rim is life in the world.
The spokes-paths to healing.
The center-our true nature.”

Creating A Bridge
During the 2020 Pandemic, Laura Donnelly started a daily broadcast, Strange and Interesting Times offering Body-Brain Balance tips to help people calm their minds, bodies, and emotions.
The Healing Path is a series of conversations with healers that evolved out of the first video series.
The Healing Path will premiere as a podcast in October 2020.

Photo of Laura Donnelly
Laura Donnelly is a teacher, mentor, choreographer, dancer, and writer.
She teaches Body-Brain Balance, based on the principles of the Alexander Technique and Movement Fundamentals™
in community classes, at the university level, and online since 2015.

People who work with Laura reduce stress, eliminate overwhelm, and discover their “right effort” to achieve dynamic balance in all activities.