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Reduce Stress – Increase Flow

 Embody Your Ease!

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Reduce Stress – Increase Flow includes video lessons plus a live Q&A session.

You created your business to make a positive difference in the world, to help people, and to support yourself.
There’s a lot to do, and a lot riding on your success. This can create stress and tension and both of those reduce access to your creative energy and take you out of your productive flow state. 

This course will teach you to quick tools you can use in any situation to immediately calm your stress and step back into a productive flow.

You’ll learn how to stop stressing so that you can get more done in less time, sleep better at night, access your best ideas, and take action on them.

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Reduce Stress – Increase Flow – Embody Your Ease!

The Body-Brain Balance Process is a practice based on Movement Fundamentals™ and the Alexander Technique
that focuses on how we use our minds, bodies, and emotions.

Excess tensing in any area negatively influences all of our mental, physical, and emotional systems, and interferes with how we live our lives.

When we stop tensing (stressing) and move into easing (flowing) our thinking improves, our sleep is deeper and more restful so that
we are able to step into our best creative flow state.

I call it being AT-Ease.

This improvement filters into all our activities allowing us to communicate more clearly, restore
our equilibrium, and live with more Grace, Flow, and Joy.

I know you’ll learn a lot and each of the products in the 2021 BCStack
will help you improve your life and work.

It’s time to Reduce Stress – Increase Flow

“I love the Body-Brain Balance process, how it’s so simple to do yet has such a powerful impact!”
~ Alice M. Andreat, Internet Marketing Consultant


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Photo of Laura Donnelly
Laura Donnelly is a teacher, mentor, choreographer, dancer, and writer.
She teaches Body-Brain Balance, based on the principles of the Alexander Technique and Movement Fundamentals™
in community classes, at the university level, and online since 2015.

People who work with Laura reduce stress, eliminate overwhelm, and discover their “right effort” to achieve dynamic balance in all activities.