Listening to our bodies and understanding the language our bodies use leads to deep healing.

Everyone’s body is a repository of information experienced throughout life’s journey. When we learn to Unlock the messages coded in our bodies we have access to a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

Alexander Technique is a particularly effective way of accessing the messages and wisdom of our bodies. I’ll be speaking about ways to use the Ease of the Alexander Technique to Unlock Your Body Code on March 3, 2019 – available for free through March 5, 2019.

Join here to register for the free Unlock Your Body Code Show which runs through March 8, 2019.

This online summit brings together teachers, healers, and coaches who have been working with their own bodies and helping their students/clients/colleagues unlock the mysteries hidden in their bodies.

I’m excited to share how the Ease of the Alexander Technique and the Body-Brain Balance Method facilitates gentle and lasting access to the inner wisdom of our bodies.